When does the downtime begin for EA FC 24 Mobile?

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The full launch of EA FC 24 is almost upon us FC 24 Coins, and, even though plenty are playing already through early access, we cant wait for the complete release on the 29th September, 2023. In the days leading to the release, the EA FC 24 Mobile will launch in what must be a bid to up the hype even more. 

Even if youre already playing via the Ultimate Edition, theres nothing quite like having a kick about on your phone. So when exactly is the new mobile game dropping, and what does this mean for the old FIFA Mobile? Well share all we know about EA FC Mobile down below.

According to the official page on X (formerly known as Twitter), EA Sports FC Mobile launches on the 26th September, 2023. Check out the tweet below! By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

When does the downtime begin for EA FC 24 Mobile? In another tweet, the official page informed us that "extended maintenance" would begin. This is in preparation for the new mobile app. As to how long itll be down, we cant say, but the maintenance begins on the 26th September, 2023. 

We take this to mean that the old FIFA Mobile app will go down for a short period while the team works on the new and rebranded EA FC 24 Mobile. Have a look at the tweet and judge for yourself: What is the UK launch time for EA FC 24 Mobile?

The release time of EA FC 24 Mobile looks to be 08:00 BST on the 26th September, 2023. If anything changes between now and then, well let you know right here! Read more on EA FC 24: Listen to our One More Life podcast, subscribe to our free newsletter and follow us on Twitter for all the latest gaming intel buy EAFC 24 Coins.